Xuanhao(Eric) Zhang

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I am currently working at Google as a SWE in Cloud Persistent Disk team. For me, it is 50% of techs and 50% of arts with tremendous passions for cross-plantform App developments, Machine Learning, Web3.0 and Indie games!

Fun Facts about Me

  • Cycling Lover - Used to ride a road trip from Nanjing to Shanghai (320 Miles) in three days.
  • Ice-cream Lover - My favorite flavors are mint chocolate and cherry which are the same as my toothpaste.
  • Name Staring with X - Most of my friends like to challenge themselves by pronouncing my Chinese name.


  • Cross-plantform Apps
  • All Kinds of Optimization
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Web 3.0


  • MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2018 - 2020

    Northeastern University

  • BSe in Information Science and Engineering, 2013 - 2017

    Southeast University (China)










Software Engineer


Jul 2021 – Present Kirkland, WA

Software Engineer Coop

Synopsys Inc.

Jan 2020 – Aug 2020 Boxborough, MA

Simulation Optimization - A Cloud Resource Allocation Tool based on Machine Learning

  • Developed a distributed computer resources allocation tool, which would reserve the optimal CPU to run simulation for circuit designers based on Machine Learning.
  • Built the data pipeline and ETL scripts with PySpark, and trained a MixNet model using PyTorch.
  • Collaborated with the infrastructure team to integrate the tool with the internal simulation platform, including PostgreSQL database, REST API and Django backend.
  • Saved average 60% on computing resources, which prevent over millions of dollar wastage on the CPU farm. The results were presented on the Design Automation Conference 2020.


QualCheck - A QA Automation Platform to Improve Quality

  • Developed a QA automation platform based on Python, which allowed engineers and product managers to evaluate the circuit design with the required tech specs.
  • Enhanced the scalability and compatibility, including multiple input resources (Linux workers, websites and Perforce) and extendable checklists (Json or XML).
  • Deployed and tested with Jenkins and Docker. Collaborated with the web team to present the result on a website using React as frontend and Django as backend.
  • Designed the real-time visualization Dashboard based on MS PowerBI for product managers.
  • Released in a group of 1000 people, decreasing 10% error rate caused by manually checking.

Software Engineer Intern

Yik Data Analytics co., LTD

May 2016 – Sep 2016 Nanjing, China

Responsibilities include:

  • Developed a QR code system which added an anti-counterfeiting mask to the normal QR code, including the backend server, QR code database and an Android App.
  • Built the backend server to generate QR code based on Spring Boot and zxing API from Google.
  • Generated the anti-counterfeiting mask to the QR code using OpenCV and the principle of Random Walk.


API tools for Cryptocurrency quantitative analysis

Cryptocurrency may become one of the most hot topics in later 2020 and early 2021. I wrote a tool to querry all active trading pairs price changes from one specific exchange. More details may be found HERE.

Movie Recommendation System

Built a movie recommendation system based on Collaborative Filter in PySpark on the MovieLens Dataset.

Web-based Trash Classifier

Designed a web-based trash classifier using Javascript and TensorFlow.JS. Users can get access through both mobile phone or website. The website may be found HERE


It was a Yelp like web application that allows users to share their BBQ experience by uploading photos and comments. Demo website and Github

Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction

Analyzed raw log data from GStore (faced to normal customers) to predict revenue per customer. Results

Adversarial Video Generation

Predicted next few frames of the input short video based on Generative Adversarial Network. Source code at Github and Results:

Pictures Histogram Accelerating based on CUDA

Implemented a histogram equalization algorithm based on CUDA, where the benchmark of GPU was Nvidia Kepler 10. Details may be found HERE

Reinforcement Learning in Game Scenarios

Implemented agents to play games automatically based on reinforcement learning (Q-learning). The game scenarios include a basic Taxi game, Flappy Birds and an Atari Game: Space Invader.


A legendary story of a hero who fighting against the dragons and demons to rescue his love. The most interesting part was I hand-drawed about 20 8-bits pictures as the characters, environments and actions.


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  • 409 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02115, United States